Re-sell is an app that focuses on helping users sell brand new clothes that they could not return to the store. 

Have you ever shopped online but the clothing was not as you expected it to be? AND you forget to return it within your return policy. 

No problem! Re-sell is here to help you out with your crisis. 

There are three simple steps:

  • Upload your item

  • Add a description, brand, price and a photo of the price tag

  • Sell it! 


What more, if you don’t wish to get any monetary benefits, you can simply sell it as a free item that can be claimed by people. 


Prior to designing, I did a quick research sprint to understand the existing clothing purchase/ re-sell service available in the market.


thredUP is a fashion resale website for consumers to buy and sell secondhand clothing online

SWOT Analysis

Prior to deciding my target audience and features, I did a SWOT analysis to understand the gains and shortcomings of my design idea. 


Site Map

After a small research sprint, I built an initial site map to summarize what my application can offer.

A user can:


  • Access all items in the home feed

  • Check for top deals

  • Search for clothing

  • Sell clothing 

  • Check for past sales / past purchases

  • Get notified about sales 

Paper Prototypes 

Prototypes helped fill the smaller details of functions and features that would be needed for the app to run efficiently. It also saved time by testing out ideas through sketching first before moving to detailed digital wireframes.

Testing the Paper Prototypes

In order to understand the features and functions in an MVP way, I tested paper prototypes on my target users. 

This method of prototyping helped me understand how my users perceive each feature of the application. 

Furthermore, I was also able to understand the minutest details and gaps to fill into my prototype. 

Following are the features that I tested:

  • Log in

  • Homepage

  • 'Sort' feature

  • Search 

  • Search filters 

  • My profile 

  • My store 

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