Project 01 | UX/UI Project | Chef.ME application does not just guide you with creating amazing home cooked recipes but also helps you purchase all the necessary ingredients in the specified amount right in that account. 

Thus the extended process of hunting for the ingredients in different stores is eliminated making the user's journey simpler than ever. 

Project 02 | Daily UI Design

The Daily UI design is an online design challenge of Hundred days- famous with the tag #100DaysofUI. 

The motive of the challenge is to enhance the design skills. 

Project 03 | Thesis Project | Neurological                                                         Hospital and Post                                                 trauma Rehab

As a part of my final year thesis project, I proposed a design of A Neurological Hospital and Post trauma rehabilitation Center in the city of Pune, India. The focus was to provide a medical institution as well as a specialty care center for neurological patients.

Project 04 | Architecture Project | Housing

As a part of my fourth year academic project, I designed a Housing scheme for the academic staff of Pune University. The scheme was to be located within the vicinity of Pune University and focused on providing one to four BHK apartments to the faculty. It also consisted of Leisure zones such as club houses, recreational area, temples. etc.

Project 05 | Architecture Internship | Design                                                                     Projects

In my Final Year of Bachelor's, I took up an internship at an Architecture and landscape firm in Pune called as Suman Shilp Architects. I specifically worked on a few projects under the guidance of my principal architect.

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