Measuring User Research

Korn Ferry is a global Organizational Consulting firm that provides Products to support your business growth and development right from Hiring, Assessing to maintaining employee progress. 

As a UX researcher, I have been responsible for:

  • Defining research plans and goals 

  • Conducting user interviews + synthesizing findings 

  • Conducting moderated and unmoderated usability tests + synthesizing findings 

  • Proposing design recommendations 

  • Creating low/mid-fidelity wireframes

  • Producing research, testing, and design strategy decks for stakeholder meetings 

Through this process, the one skill that I truly enhanced was quantifying/measuring user research. For this, we mainly used:

  • Qualtrics (for user surveys on a larger scale)

  • Excel (SUS Scores, CSAT Scores, NPS Scores, SEQ Scores)

Following is an example of one of the research surveys that we conducted to understand user preference between our legacy product and current modules available. 

We gathered information on:

  • Demographics and purpose of use

  • Features used 

  • Frequency of use 

  • Benchmarking Satisfaction Scores 

  • Benchmarking Net Promoter Scores

  • Benchmarking System Usability Scale 

  • Comparison of all the 3 scores

KF Pay: Satisfaction Survey

Korn Ferry Pay is a product that puts all the tools, data, presentations and insights you need at your fingertips. Features include: Organization Data Submission - Submit your pay data quickly and easily with our AI-powered tool, and start benefiting from Korn Ferry Pay insights as soon as possible.

We made a survey on Qualtrics to understand how satisfied our customers are with our Legacy product and KF Pay. Qualtrics helped us gain quantitative data which we transferred into an excel to measure the satisfaction rating. 

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